The Pensioner

By Pensioner


A fine day so I decided to walk up to town - take in a bit of art and buy some presents, that sort of thing. And the first port of call was at St Columba’s bookshop. And there was an original version of the Forth Pilot Guide. Well, that’s my own Christmas sorted. 
Then it was a call in at the New Town Deli for a read and onward to the City Art Centre as there’s a photography exhibition based on Youngson’s fabulous book, The Making of Classical Edinburgh. And then on for further walking before heading home for a lie down.
And out again of course, it being a Wednesday and there were only three of us for a sup until the engineers descended on us, fresh from their Christmas errr lunch, some hours earlier, obvs. Well oiled doesn’t begin to describe it. But political chat was much in evidence, there being an election tomorrow. And these once-Layba-stalwarts, to a man, are intending to lend their support to the nats to keep out the Tories in SW Edinburgh (no such issue in Ed North & Leith)… it may be some time till the old party gets them back, if ever.

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