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Polling places

Today's blip had to be of a polling place. Not mine, but I was up in Morningside taking communion to a member of our congregation who is in a nursing home up this way.
This constituency has been a labour seat but they are predicting that it would be a labour / snp battle. I think the SNP will do well again in Scotland as they are at least a viable alternative to the Conservatives. I don't know what that will do though to our position in the UK. I cannot believe that we are in this position and that egos can wipe out any degree of common sense.
Today after going to Morningside, I came back down to Stockbridge, liaised with Colin to get Eilidh's bike back home then picked up the girls from after school club and nursery. They were pleased to see mum when they got home, she's on nights this week. We had dinner together then she went off to work and I settled the girls down and spent the evening doing paper work while waiting for Jon to get back from work. The election has made a late day for him. He was home by 11 and I was in bed soon after that. Steps today 12,696

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