I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday .....

First snow.

As you can see from my upper left squirrel picture it snowed last night. This is the first real snow of the season ..... but probably not the last. 

That didn't stop me from going out this morning to do some Christmas shopping.  Sadly, the only things I bought were for myself! I'm not getting much ticked off my Christmas shopping list!  And don't get me started on us getting out our Christmas cards!  I'm not sure we will even get anything out this year! If we do they won't be special handcrafted one's.

By the time I was done shopping the sun was brightly shining and lovely! I stopped by our favorite waterfowl observation site to photograph the ducks .... included in my collage is a mallard drake in lower right picture.  

When I got home I put out some peanuts for the squirrels and birds.  There were several Blue Jays coming around so I added an extra dedicated all to them! You can still see remnants of the snow in some of the shots.   

We switched up our normal Thursday eat out night to tonight and while we were out we stopped by Sunset View to photograph the decorated house there.  Every year we try to stop by this house as it's decorated so nicely.  And this will probably be the last year as the owner (Sparky) died earlier this year.  The family wanted to honor his memory one last year so they still put up all the lights and decorations.  The map tag is to this location so if you find yourself in Bethlehem, PA before Christmas be sure to stop by. 

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