I Witness

By KangaZu

Tiny Tuesday .....

... Christmas Carousel.

We (read: me!) opted to not putting up a traditional tree this year as I seem to be a little bit "bah humbug" this year.  We have still decorated the house with some of our Christmas stuff. 

Instead we put up a Christmas carousel that lights up, rotates and plays music. As this is in the living room (with the TV) we have turned the music down .... you can still hear it but it doesn't interfere with hearing the TV. 

The carousel features this tiny lion, two horses, and the reindeer and unicorn shown in my extra.  Many thanks to Freyjad for hosting for this crazy busy month of December!

Speaking of hosting ... yours truly will be hosting Tiny Tuesday for the month of January!  I think I just heard a large groan from some of you! But I promise no hard themes! :-)

I have just added an extra that my brother sent me on Sunday. This was taken from his patio showing the 7" of snow they received in Raleigh,  North Carolina! It's the same spot I blipped when I was there in June and the temps were in the 90's!!

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