Trio of Roses

for Flower Friday :)

Crazy busy morning of work, then a wonderful get together with colleagues for lunch 

- (not good - starter was brie (warmed and lovely), turkey and roast veg swimming in gravy (cold) and Christmas pud (not nice - swimming in custard and apple sauce???)...  

The company however was really good fun.  I've not had a work Christmas party like that before and certain colleagues have made an impression on me for what they did today :)

In other news, I am going to have a second viewing at the property I am interested in buying tomorrow - I need to confirm a few things, especially the parking, before we make an offer....

Pjs on and an easy night in front of the TV after an exhausting week at work.  I am off until Tuesday now (trying to get Christmas organised for sure) :)

Happy Friday folks :)

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