Stressed Out!!

So I turn up to view the house on the dot this morning at 11.30am!  I'd just walked in, when the young 'Saturday' girl said that 'this is an open viewing' and when I was just about to walk further into the house, there was a family father, mother, 2 noisy kids and a grandmother all coming at the same time.  I hadn't been informed of the open viewing - but after I went back to the estate agents to complain later - he said they don't do open viewings, this family were early :(  

I have re-booked for Monday Tuesday afternoon (edited as the owners can't do that time on Monday) ...a tad annoying as I'm hoping to get to Winchester in the early morning for the Christmas markets - just to see them, then come home for lunch and relax the rest of the day...

Philisophically, what will be will be...

Not sure I'll get to Winchester now - but Christmas shopping I must, and online I think now as I can't bear the crowds! 

All being well I will head to Winchester early Monday morning...

So I came home and Charlie came straight out to have a nose around - not that she couldn't do that when I'm not here...anyway, here she is :)

In the extra - poised to go in through the catflap :)

Trying to relax!

Unhappy Saturday folks :)

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