Wet, wet, wet

I had a meeting on our Cornwall campus so drove a car full of colleagues down. What a wet journey! It was wet and windy the whole way down.

After the meeting we got to enjoy a lovely Christmas lunch - my first of the year. It was very yummy and a lovely treat on a cold and wet day.

As I had spent around 4 hours in the car, I decided to go out with the Cully Crawlers in the evening to give my legs a good stretch.  I checked the forecast before setting out and it promised no rain until 9pm when I would have been safely home. Oh no, the weather had other plans and started emptying down as I headed out. I was soaked through multiple layers by the time I made it home after a good old walk around the town.

Ian had a much more civilised evening as he had his work’s Christmas meal in the warmth and dry of the Exeter Chief’s hospitality suite.

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