Someone has their Christmas glad rags on!  I don’t suppose sparkly outfits have been flying out the shops this year with nowhere to go!

I persuaded both big and little Mr T out for a walk. Well, I told Leo it was non negotiable so no persuasion there! Some of his schoolmates are having to isolate as they are in the same classes as one who has tested positive.  Leo is in a different class so can continue at school - you can imagine his disappointment!  I hope that it doesn’t spread around the school.  I also hope mum and  dad get the jab soon for some protection. We limit contact as much as possible - but Leo and school is our biggest risk area.

Ian and I had our flu jabs. We had a letter to say our GP practice was now giving the flu jab free to all over 50s. As I hit the half century a few months back it was my first flu vaccination.  It was a very slick operation so hopefully they’ll be all geared up for getting the COVID jab out soon.

Exeter City had another great win, 5-0! We have opted not to go for now even though we had the option as we have kept our season tickets on.  I hope they keep their form up for when we go back. Newport are also flying high!

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