By Kipsie

I'm still searching

for the name of this plant. It's a tender perennial, 2 of which were given to me by a planty friend, she bought hers from a nursery nearby but could'nt remember it's name. I rang the nursery, described the plant, but they could'nt give me an ident, I kept one plant for myself & passed this plant to Nicky, Ella's mum :- ). Although tender plants do survive outside through the winter here on the coast I thought it would prefer the protection of a cold greenhouse. It's covered in flower as you can see from the pic. I will get an ident for it, but it will probably require me to take an image to the nursery. They do have a very nice cafe so it would'nt be a hardship. :- )
Can't really remember what happened yesterday, it was'nt that long ago was it. Ah yes! I met Josie & Sandy down at Ella's cafe lounge for a coffee, well it ended up being two coffees ... It's a lovely new cafe, opened only 2 weeks ago by Rowcroft Hospice, so as well as the cafe they have a selection of better quality secondhand clothes, shoes, & bric-a-brac. I topped up my Xmas card stock, & bought two packs for Mum.We were sat nattering about knitting. Josie has an ongoing scarf knitting saga .. a scarf she started knitting 2 years ago but has'nt quite got around to finishing. We were having a laugh about that when a lady at the next table, came across to our table, admiring my size 18 chunky knit snug as a bug in a rug jumper that I bought a few months back in a charity shop, & asked if I had knitted it. She was the third person to comment on it, and ask if I'd knitted it. Someone needs to create a pattern there's money to be made. Said farewell to the maids then back to Ella. I wrote more Xmas cards, did a bit more knitting but can't remember for the life of me how to cast off, so that will be next job after catching up on my blips as this is a back blip for Flower Friday. Hubby arrived a bit later and we popped down to The Drum Inn for a drink before I made dinner.
One blip done, one to go.

Thanks to BikerBear/Anni for hosting Flower Friday.

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