By Kipsie

Geek v Nerd

Or are they father & son .............. I really don't know, & I guess the only way to find out is to ask, but the computer services shop was closed today. They have moved since I saw them earlier in the week though when I thought about a Silly Saturday subject. They always make me smile.
Ella had another one of those nights ... 2am, then 4.10 ........ I got back into bed at 4.40. We did a short loop this morning, saw Carolyn & Pete as they were driving down to the butchers after a walk around Cockington. Back to base for a late breakfast. I then vacuumed, yet another Dyson model, this one was more robust, possibly earlier then these stick things they have now, it was definitely more awkward to operate.
Had a phone call from Mum to say she'd found the garage keys that she'd misplaced yesterday so that was a relief.
It was such a lovely day, cold but dry that I took a walk down to Chelston posted my Xmas cards then wandered on down towards the seafront. Then I had a flash of inspiration. I've got my Torre Abbey membership card on me, I'll go for a mooch around the gardens and glasshouses. It was a perfect way to spend an hour, I had the place to myself, not a soul anywhere. I took quite a few pics of the cacti, I reckon they might make interesting linocut subjects. Some of the tender plants were flowering, lots in flower in the tropical house. The gardens are kept immaculate, a real credit to the head gardener there, her staff & volunteers. I bought a plant, Polygonum 'Red Dragon',well it's become a bit of a habit really. The plants are normally quite unusual and very reasonably priced. I headed back to base, popped in the Coop to grab myself a Danish pastry to have with a coffee at home. Danish pastries all sold out, so I came back and made another Swedish Kladdkaka. Perfect accompaniment to a coffee. Only another 7 slices to eat. :- )
Made an early dinner ......... then the Strictly final. It was so close between Kelvin and Karim. A great series, very entertaining.

Right then, must be time for bed... Ella's in there already. Fingers crossed we have a better nights sleep tonight. It's blowing a hooley, and raining heavily, so in here is definitely the best place to be on a night like this.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

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