By Kipsie

My found object collection

I could have picked up loads of rubbish during my walkabouts over the past month of looking after Ella the Wonderdog, & my Saturday bimble with Yogi but have managed to show some restraint which I'm actually quite proud of. Now, if the people who discarded their rubbish on the road side/pavement rather than take it home or dispose of it responsibly were to do the same perhaps it would look as if we cared about our surroundings. I took a short walk yesterday and could not believe the rubbish beside the footpaths or on the roadside. It really is disgraceful. Biodegradable rubber bands that the Post office use are one of my current bug bares, why do the posties drop them on the pavement instead of putting them in their pocket, disposing of them later when they get back to the depot. I picked tehse up yesterday on the way back from Torre Abbey. They lovely pieces of crazed china I found on the beach in Shaldon last Saturday. The wire webbing on the pavement here along with the wires. The discarded fish hook & lure were on the harbour. The plastic bottle top was THE only piece of rubbish I found on the bridle path.

Had an e.mail from Nicky, Ella's mum. I got their return date wrong somehow, they're back on Tuesday not Wednesday as I've got in my diary. They're currently in Perth where it's 44c. They'll have a bit of a shock when they arrive back in Blighty. It's been a chilly day, started bright, then mizzle, then more sunshine. There maybe a delivery of roof tiles arriving tomorrow, and they are going just inside the gate. Of course that's where I'd raked all the leaves up to as I did'nt know where Nicky wanted them to go, so that was my first job on returning from our walk this morning. Ella had a real skip in step so we did the Armada Park loop. Then I prepared the veggies etc to make supper, Josie is coming over to do some more lino cutting and staying to eat after. She brought with her a M&S chicken & grain chilled soup, which we had at lunchtime. We always seem to have a chat & let off steam before we begin our crafting, at which point you could hear a pin drop. It's so funny, we laugh about it every time. I had one still life lino cut to complete before printing, that made 2 printed with blue ink which I really liked, so I then put together some more glass to create a third. All different sizes but think they will look good hung together, well that's the plan. Josie had a play around mixing colours, which was interesting. We bounce ideas off each other, and suggest ways of solving problems. It's quite nice to work together occasionally, but also alone.

Thunder, lightening, torrential rain, sunshine, blue skies, pretty clouds followed by a chilly wind & bright moon tonight.

I made braised lamb, white bean & chickpea casserole for dinner.

Now time for bed. Ella's getting fidgety.

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting Derelict Sunday

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