By Kipsie

Not my favourite ornament,

my ONLY ornament, of sorts that I have here in Torquay, well apart from a scary boggle eyed doll that is hanging from the rear view mirror in my car. I have nevertheless had this rather amusing key fob since 2006. It appeals to my sense of humour being a country maid, I bought it in Trelawney garden centre, a coffee pit stop, on the way to Rocksea Barn, Wadebridge, for the 2006 M.O.T. (Maids On Tour), 5 work colleagues. A memorable holiday in more ways than one. Cassiesmum joined us for part of our 5 day stay. We cycled the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow, the following day we cycled from Wadebridge to Bodmin. We walked different sections of the South West Coastal Path on 2 days, generally having a jolly good time, so although not an ornament it stirs plenty of fond memories of good times spent with friends.
Another sleep deprived night, only one, or will it be two more nights to go??? I'm not sure at this moment in time. When I awoke this morning I'd had an e.mail from Nicky in Oz telling me that their flight from Perth to Heathrow had been cancelled, so they did'nt know how or when they would be arriving back here. I still don't know as she has'nt got back to me with an update, which is not a problem, I thought I was here until Wednesday anyway. Ella & I had our walkabout, then Idead headed the roses, cut the hardy fuchsias back and tidied up.  I packed up my linocutting kit, packed my waterproofs etc. loaded a few things in the car.  Did a bit of cleaning. Googled casting off,  did that so another project completed. Lunch, then uploaded my Ella stay photos to an album, so that I can clear my phone & SD card. I still have some deleting to do but should'nt take long. Had a surprise phone call from one of the ladies I worked with  at the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust, asking how I was doing & suggesting a meet up for coffee with a couple of the other volunteers after Xmas. The builder did'nt arrive with the roof tiles today either.
Watched Cash Trapped, the current contestants are not quite so entertaining as before but they could just be warming up. Made Corned Beef Hash for dinner using up bits in the fridge.
Watched an interesting documentary on Iceland on BBC4.

Ops! Ella's woken up, walking out into the garden and back, out into the garden & back. Too cold to have the door open for too long this evening. Perhaps we'll have an early night.

Thanks to Carolina for hosting Mono Monday.

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