By Ronniebofa

Weight loss journey - 15122019 progress not!

Weekly Progress report- Not unexpected: last weeks loss gained plus more

Starting weight May 2018 = 273lb)
Today’s weight = 181.2lb
Average weight last week = 180.3lb
Average weight this week = 181.0lb
Weight gain this week = + 0.7lb
Note: I weigh every day first thing and calculate weight loss based on average weight for the week.

Well, there was an election this week and although I had planned an early night I did not get to bed till after the Stirling result was declared (3:30am). I needed some reassurance in the humanity and social conscience of the community I live in. The result was one of the only beacons of light on a thoroughly dark depressing night in the UK. Glad to report that our new MP unseated the sitting one with over 50% of the vote.

After such a late night/morning there was no Peak for me and I missed both Yoga and Cardio Dance classes. On Saturday I was still catching up on sleep and did not manage a gym session before my afternoon shopping with Jimmy. So did not exercise as much and this was not compensated for by reduced food intake. Yellow label deals were better than ever at Sainsbury’s this week and if anything my meals were larger than usual with higher protein content. I even had a mincemeat tart on Friday at Dobbies (it was free and it would have been impolite to refuse!!).

The next week will be difficult with celebration meal out on Tuesday with friends and as I have done little regarding Christmas, apart from decorate my Ficus plant that substitutes as my tree, I will have to start thinking about presents and wrapping and this will curtail time I can spend at the Peak.

Hope you’ve all had a good week and the scales are good for you at your weigh ins.

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