Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Lentil Ragu

Today we went to Cambridge with Victoria; we had planned it a while ago, but had not anticipated the weather!
We had coffee and cake in Costa, Victoria had a bacon roll, to start the day and then did some shopping, visiting the Grafton Centre as well as the Grand Arcade.
We had lunch in Zizzi, which is where today’s picture was taken of my Lentil Ragu, which was vegan and gluten free. I have not had it before and was not sure I would like it; I will have it again. We decided to order a pudding, but the service was slow, so I told them not to bother, but pudding arrived immediately with, I presume, the Manager. They offered us free coffee, which we did not want; so they gave us the most expensive pudding, mine, free.
We did a little more shopping, but the rain was coming down even harder and it was getting dark, so we came home earlier than we might have done.

The temperature at GMT noon today was six degrees Celsius with rain all day.

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