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By arkensielphoto

Magnifying Glass

I had another FaceTime chat with Victoria who is on annual leave. She is still sorting out things in her new home and today was building a shoe rack for the cupboard under the stairs.
Ocado was late with the shopping, but as I am not going anywhere it really did not matter. Two parcels arrived from Amazon, both on different lorries; another package is due to be delivered today, on a different lorry
Today’s picture is my new magnifying glass, which goes round my neck and also has a light. I am used to reading a Kindle where the font size can be made larger, but I have three books with tiny print, so hopefully I can now read them. I have not been able to go to the opticians since I had my cataracts done to get new spectacles, hopefully this can be remedied in 2021. Maybe with this device I will be able to see to embroider or do Some cross-stitch.

The temperature today was nine degrees Celsius at GMT noon. Some weak sunshine and so far it has not rained today.

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