Bright and Beautiful

By ThingsBeautiful

My First Ever

Photobook :)

Feeling rather proud (and hoping its OK to take a photo of a photo that was used back in June this year) :)

I was amazed how quickly this has arrived as I only made it using CEWE on Sunday!

Its a present for my Dad and StepMum, who haven't got access to my Blips, so I can put this here.

If you want to see the original photographs - they are from 28th June 2019.

Long day with meetings and another (team) Christmas lunch, then going to the viewing at the house.  And the bad news is someone has already made an offer today - but it was rejected.  Of course the agent had gone home when I tried to make an offer, so I will have to start tomorrow (and that is an extremely busy day at work, so not the best day to be making personal phone calls)...  I have also written to them...

And now to bed (still very full from a lovely lunch)!

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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