Dawn patrol

Me, solo on a dawn patrol. That has been a long time! I even can't remember the last time I went alone on a landscape shoot.

Yesterday afternoon the idea came up to go photographing this morning instead of going to work and when I had checked my weather-apps a plan settled in my mind.

My alarm clock went off at 6.50 and by 7.30 I was on my way to a familiair spot. I was heading for the Punt van Reide, I was going on a real dawn patrol. All alone this time.
I parked my car and walked in the darkness towards the dyke. A short walk, 10 minutes.
When I walked over the dyke, I (unwantedly) scared lots of resting geese. Oops... They al flew up at once, it must have been thousands of them.
This first group alarmed a group that was a bit further away and they all flew up as well. A third group was even further away but they also decided to leave. A chain reaction had started. And all because I popped my head over the dyke a bit too fast.

I stood still and watched all the birds for a while and then I walked on slowly. After a short while they must have been convinced I was harmless because they decided to land again. Peace.

I started shooting. My weather apps promised me half-cloudy conditions. And that became truth. Literally. In front of me 100% clouds (blocking the rising sun), behind me 0% clouds.
That was not how I previsualized my landscape! 

Of course I waited until the moment of sunrise but I never saw it at all. Instead, behind me, it was bright with beautiful colours. By that time small clouds had appeared there. Orange, magenta, yellow, the whole colour palette was behind me, behind the dyke. I had to adjust my plans, and chase the light.

I went back and walked towards my car in a big circle, looking for nice compositions. It wasn't easy, but it was great to be out there.
Todays blip was made about 30 minutes before sunrise.

Around 10 am I was home again, drinking coffee with Annemarie and Bas.
At 12.15 I brought Bas to school. At 14.00 I picked him up again and together we went to his hand therapist.

She advised us to go back to the hospital once more, and soon, because a wound on Bas' finger doesn't seem to heal quick enough, therefore causing more and new and unwanted scar tissue. An appointment was made inmmediately and tomorrow 11.30 we'll be back in Groningen again to see the surgeon. Pffff, a minor setback. Let's hope there will be an easy solution.

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