By Beckett


Well what a day - whilst the temp got to 41 deg C thankfully the winds were not as predicted, but still fires down South around Bargo etc were out of control and more homes lost. 
What was really uncomfortable, the sky was smoke filled all day and dark, with ashes falling from the sky. It seems the Fire fighters thankfully have had further resources come in from overseas. 

The State Premier also declared a 7 day State of Emergency which will allow the Rural Fire Services to call in what ever resource needed from all areas. 
The forecast is still for Saturday to be a bad one, and after the change came through tonight as predicted, it cooled down and the wind took all the smoke out. As you can see in my pic, the sky and sunset is probably the clearest it has been all week. 

Finally the forecast is for rain on Christmas Eve, so if it is a good amount, will be a good present for the  people involved and fire fighters.

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