Given the green light

Full steam (well diesel) ahead this morning. I should learn not to make confident predictions. A couple of weeks ago I announced my final trip to Dundee of the year. Not so. Back again today but this really will be it for 2019.

The blip is Stirling Station about about 08:00 this morning. All mono except the green light ahead. The ScotRail franchisee was told yesterday by the Government that its contract will end three years early. Not sure if that knowledge will spur it on to better service.

The extra is Dundee at about 09:10 - the V&A with a bit of RRS Discovery reflected in the water. Couldn't leave Dundee for the year without a photograph but it's a dull day with little light so no vista over the Tay today.

Once I'm home I'll be changing out of work gear into something suitable for another advent window opening. Need to think seriously about my own now.

Edit: I just added another extra to show how things improved on the weather front this afternoon.

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