Always inconstant...

By bikeyPete

With teeth...

When I was young I used to sit and talk to a blind man that lived round the corner from me, Mr Peters, he taught me many things about with patience and effort we all could manage to make use of the time we have.

He used to say something that I was somewhat perplexed older I understand it it is very appropriate. "Mark me young Peter...Winter will come...and it will have teeth when it does!".

It is indeed, biting cold today. My back brake has frozen on the bike and no amount of breathing on it or jiggling will free it.....being very careful as a result!

The air is frigid and cruel. Most of the time I enjoy the battle with the morning it is a chore.... a testament to hardiness.... grit as Mr Peters used to call it!

So a long day begins.. A long day of bitter cold....a day of Winter with teeth!

Take care everyone! :)

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