By Ronniebofa

Getting your 5+ a day has never been cheaper

You don’t have to be like me and look out for yellow label produce to get your five a day at low costs. Aldi, Lidl and Tesco are offering vegetables this Christmas at ridiculously low prices. You can buy. carrots, parsnips, Brussels’ sprouts, potatoes, swede and red cabbage for between 15p and 19p for 500g - 1kg and large cauliflowers for 29p. A pack of each costing just over £1:00 would provide you with your 5 a day for a week!! Good thing is that many of these vegetables will store well and I am stocking up on red cabbage and swede that’s is being stored in cool frost free shed.
Even although there are all these offers available for all, I still search out yellow label reductions at Sainsbury’s and red label reductions at Aldi’s. Today’s Blipfoto shows my buys today and tonight’s meal prepared from them and some of the vegetable offers. Easily had over 750g vegetables with the inclusion of 20 Brussel’s sprouts, 7 asparagus spears, 3 medium beetroot and a pack of broccoli, carrots & cauliflower. The main protein component was meat from a small joint of roast beef that was cooked with a yellow label Mediterranean vegetable mix (meat reduced from £4 to £2 in from Tesco’s - and it will provide for another 2 meals next week.

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