One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The Rahenies get Ottawacked!

The Ottawacker is back for a second serving of Irishness in less than a week (I think he may be angling for an Irish passport sometime down the line, to retain a connection with the E.U. other than watching the Eurovision and getting hammered on the FX rate). 
He has spent his day limping around Dublin while I was in the Repair Factory, pretending that there is nothing wrong with his hip when he is not in either Ottawa or Liverpool. It has to be said that the weather conditons here are dramatically different to what one would experience in Merseyside. They have a lot of precipitation and low pressure over there.  
When we got back to the Raheny hovel, we settled to an animated conversation on LGBTQEI (the last two letters are for Eddie Izzard) and actually never bothered going down to Lockie's for a few festive pints. 
That's how old and sensible we've got. 
Big day tomorrow. I hope he has brought his swimming tog because there will be a pit-stop at the Forty Foot.  

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