By biddy

Friends popping in! Shortest Day today.

Here is our lovely young friend Milly who popped in this afternoon with our other one K ( who stayed here last weekend till Monday after a problem with her drains). We were all exchanging gifts for Christmas. We gave Milly a reindeer to open today, in addition. Here it is!
Milly calls us her “Fake Grandparents”!
She has the most beautiful voice and is on the team responsible for the worship time at church each Sunday.
Her closest friend Meg, is the daughter of K and they have known each other since they were knee high to a grasshopper. Meg also sings and over the years they have trained groups of youngsters to take part in various events and services at our previous church, where we all used to go until several years ago. Also singing either solos or duets. .
Particularly the Christmas Cabaret, which is still put on in December.
Meg has moved out of area this year after finishing her NQT year at a local school. She now teaches at a school in Hampshire. Milly has been down to stay since then.
Milly is in her last year at Nexus Institute of Creative Arts in Coventry
Whilst they were here one of our other friends (who bought me the lovely candles) rang the doorbell. She was delivering gifts to various people, so didn’t stay, as hubby was waiting in the car, but exchanged greetings with the others as they know each other.
I’m about to watch The Great Christmas Bake Off. Stephen is going down to church for the 5.30pm service.
I wouldn’t be able to manage a full service just yet. (3weeks Post Op) But there was a lovely one on BBC Sounds this morning for the 4th Sunday in Advent. Beautiful choral music included.
All outside is quiet and still. The white plume of steam drifting into the air from the boiler flue on the school roof opposite is rising straight up before dispersing.
From today we go towards the light!

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