Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Golden light .....

....... on a very high river!

I've sneaked a quick bit of Blip time as I won't have a chance tomorrow .... as long as things go to plan anyway! Hubby is watching a film .... so it seemed a good idea :-)

We headed out in sunshine for our walk this afternoon ...... hooray!

We didn't bother getting the car out to fight our way through the traffic ... but decided to have a walk up the road to Pioneer & Beech Wood ..... then walked back along the riverbank.

There were lots of birds about ..... we saw Blue & Great Tits ...... Magpie (Extra) ....... a small flock of Meadow Pipits (too far away to get a decent photo) ........ a Goldcrest (that refused to stay still for long enough!) & a Dunnock (Extra) ..... not bad for a short walk :-)

I loved the light on the river & the reflections .... so this had to take 'pride of place'!

What I didn't like is just how high the river is though ..... the highest I've ever seen it! Hope they get the sluice gates open soon & we don't have more rain!

Hope you are all having a Tigger-tastic weekend :-)

Stay safe everyone!

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