Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


You will have to indulge  me these family photos from our Christmas (/anniversary) event today.   Went to the 4pm performance of “A Christmas Carol” at ACT downtown.   They do it every year a little different... I’ve only seen 3 I think,, the first one when our boys were in middle school(!) Fiona wants to be in it!    We got there a bit early thinking we might get a glimpse of the huge gingerbread houses in the Sheridan hotel across the street ( ha.. 90 minute  line) so instead we had a stop in nearby Nike store with our family basketball team , on my other journal ... After the excellent and inspiring Dickens, we couldn’t find our way back into the convention center to get Eric’s car.... grrr.. .. the way we came had all locked doors before 6, ( are we country bumpkins or what.?). But finally managed to come back to our house for dinner in the neighborhood ( no one could decide on a restaurant downtown that had something for everyone in this crowd... the whole reason we were going OUT!). But it worked out great at Pomodoros ..walkable from our condo.. kids and gluten free folks very happy.    This is the blip, taken with Nik’s  new iPhone 11 ( not11plus) in low light in the restaurant!   Wow.  I want one. :-).    Christmas taken care of... altho we will have meals together,.. . 

Extras:  kids at ACT theater,.. Fiona has her mom’s shirt on,  ;(and basketball shorts and crocks) . Taken with my iPhone 7plus.    2nd extra .. Nik’s iPhone 11 in the restaurant... our Christmas /anniversary pix.
I’d say the camera got better and that’s not the one with 3 cameras ( the 3rd being macro)

Relaxing on the couch at home early ... getting annoyed that many of the apps I’ve used for a pittance are now upgrading and getting more expensive ( like the PhotoGrid).  Anyone else notice this trend?

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