By Helwild

Remains of Trentham Hall

A bit of a roller coaster of a day! It started quite quietly and calmly with a walk around Trentham Gardens. This is a view of the Italian Gardens and what remains of Trentham Hall.

Later this afternoon we were at the vets with our new arrival as her neutering scar had swelled up. She'd developed quite a severe infection which need draining. And we came home with antibiotics, painkillers and anti inflammatories! And a collar to stop her licking the open wound.....

We were worried this would set her back a few days as sh'ed settled so well. Quite the opposite. The vet said she was so easy to deal with considering what she'd had to do. All she wanted when we got back home was to eat and then lots of cuddles and belly rubs. We couldn't believe it.

She also got to share the sofa with me all night as I didn't want to leave her alone overnight.

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