Heroin dealer arrested in Bridge -of -Allan

Our small Victorian spa town hit the front page of the Stirling Observer today with the discovery of £14,000 cash found in a police raid of a flat belonging to a drug dealer.

I mention this to a friend in Falkirk and she points out that it would only make a paragraph, if that, in the Falkirk Herald where such raids are common.

This town is a curious mix today of incomers - academics, students, oilmen, business folk and "new money" living alongside old money and those born and bred here, both increasingly rare.

This curious mix means it provides a happy hunting ground for those who for various reasons want anonymity -often Glasgow footballers escaping the attention of their fans and an inevitable small criminal fraternity.

But the most spectacular arrest in recent years was that of top gangland fraudster Michael Voudouri who lived in one of Bridge of Allan's most salubrious roads.
He went to jail for laundering over £48 million.

My photo shows the Paterson clock built in honour of the town's first Medical Officer for Health, Dr Alexander Paterson (1822-1898) for his services to the community.

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