Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Boxing Day Match

Cardiff City FC played Millwall in the Boxing Day fixture, the first such match I've been for many years. It was a scrappy match with Flint scoring in 59th minute (see blipfoto) but Millwall equalised minutes later and the match ended 1-1. The rain was so bad we were forced to move seats!

Family are coming around this evening. Nice to have an evening in without worrying about driving or the poor weather! I'll catch up with comments, later :)

Wide Wednesday Challenge

The theme this week was 'anything' so here are my choices!

1.   Doyley22                        Red Sky Sunset
2.   Admirer                          Sheep
3.   AH14                               Tree Shadows
4.   60plus                             canoeing
5.   isbi                                   Tractor play
6.   Rmeinz                            archway view
7.   V1K1                                Garden
8.   Frani                                Green foggy christmas day
9.   DonnaWanna                  car park
10  Pleach                              Sea picnic

All to receive hearts asap.........thanks for tagging - see you next week!

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