A celebration

This evening we got together for our holiday celebration and gift-giving.  Manda, Andrew, Sarah and Nick were there, as were Charley (with a Christmas bowtie) and Mosa, who had arrived for a lengthy visit while her owners are away {Extra}.  We lit two menorahs and had a lovely dinner of brisket, rice, salad and Christmas cookies for dessert.

Manda is now 17 weeks pregnant and has told her workplace as well as all their friends.  The babies, who are being called Melvin and Pipsqueak for the time being, are developing well and forcing Manda to eat smaller meals as they are crowding out her stomach.  But she and Andrew are coping well and converting their office into the nursery.

Lex gave me a Kindle as my Chanukah gift, with the idea that it will allow me to read comfortably while I'm in rehab after my surgery.  Now I just have to load some books onto it and learn how to use it.

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