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By arkensielphoto

Boxing Day

Today we visited our family for the usual lunch and presents as well as playing some games. I was hopeless at charades, but I had never played it before; I am hopeless at role-play too!
The lunch, as usual was excellent and there were plenty of presents to be opened by all who were there. I will probably blip my presents tomorrow.
Today’s picture is the usual one taken after the presents were opened, when paper was being thrown at our daughter as she was gathering up the rubbish. The extra is Oliver with a bag over his head; he hates his picture taken. However, I managed to get quite a few pictures of him and today’s main one shows him wearing his cracket gift, a phone charm, as an earing!
Just before lunch it was discovered that there was no hot water and that the boiler was not working. Like us, our daughter has a contract with British Gas; the earliest they could offer her was that they could come out on Tuesday 31 December. They also tried to get her one of their “Local Heroes”; these are local people who are “trusted” by British Gas. During the evening they told her they had no one available and that she should try and find someone herself! Why are we paying for a contract I wonder?

The temperature at GMT noon today was six degrees Celsius. It felt quite cold out and it rained heavily at times.

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