Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Hamish and EB

I didn't leave the house today other than to pick my Aunt up from hospital.  She is fine. She had chest pains but after a number of tests they were satisfied that the pain wasn't coming from her heart.  A day to relax.  At 7 pm rather than going out for a blip I called Hamish to the kitchen for an EB.  He is doing really well without Poppy.  I wonder if it is because he had Buddy for company and plenty of people around.  He has had a few good sniffs of what is obviously Poppy smells in Newie but generally is pretty good.

As I am posting this late we are off to the nursing home for a visit and there are lots of chores to do at home.  The nursing home visit is going to be hard as I will have to tell them about Poppy. 

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