By Veronica

By the seaside

We've had a very quiet and unphotogenic couple of days, dull weather and 50% of us, including me, suffering from colds. Today the clouds were thin enough for the sun to peep through and it was a bit warmer. R, H and A went home yesterday but the rest of us headed for Saltburn along with hundreds of other people. Well, where else would you go for fish and chips?

There was a half-hour queue for the restaurant, but it was worth the wait as we got the best seats in the house. Since I was last at the Seaview, they've built a first-floor extension, which actually does have a panoramic view of the pier, sands, and cliff: perfect. The fish and chips were top-notch too. Extra: a typical Yorkshire beach scene, bobble hats out in force. Everyone in this photo is eating fish and chips, except possibly the baby.

When I'm in Saltburn I can't help looking out for Ringo. Didn't see him, but there seemed to be a Vizsla and Weimeraner convention, given the number of them bounding around. I asked a guy with one of the former and two of the latter if it was a club outing, but he said no. As we had S's mum with us we didn't hang around for a stroll on the beach but went straight home.

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