... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Spur-winged Screamer

Spikier in large.
Screamer licking leaves
Red shoveler stretching
Wood duck dribbling

I tried not to photograph the emperors or nēnēs, and ended up with less than a dozen shots of them collectively; they have powers, so I reckon that that counts as doing (relatively) well.
We spent quite a while with the screamers; they had been fed and were struggling with their leaves (see first extra), and one did quite a bit of flapping and wing spreading which was unusual. I'd not previously noticed that they've large spurs on their wings (clearly visible above); they actually have two spurs protruding from each wing (with smaller ones distal to the more obvious ones).

Others here (or right from Snoozy pebble)

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