By Kipsie

Should a moose face the door?

It suddenly occurred to me while making dinner tonight that my moose was facing into the kitchen, not towards the door. Should it be facing this way? Should it be facing the door? I've heard it said that elephants should be facing towards the door in order to bring happiness and prosperity. Well if it's going to help I'll turn my moose around right now. Not for me, I'm full of happiness, with a smidgeon of head cold.

I peeped out the bedroom window this afternoon, there down below in the garden Jenny wren was working her way over the pot marigold plant that I blipped last week, it's been so mild I guess there might be some tasty little critters hiding in there. Bobby robin was taking a dip in the cold tub aka a pottery pot that I keep topped up with water, why he would want to take a dip on a day like today, only he would know. A blackbird was having a ferret around in the greenhouse, & Percy pigeon was pecking away on some bits of coriander & garlic naan on the ground. The simple pleasures. Bobby robin, Jenny wren, Percy pigeon. The blackbird needs a name..................... We get males and females visiting so they should both have names........... from now on they will be known as Bill, & Brenda.

Dinner tonight - Cold baked ham, fried egg, baked beans, & oven chips for hubby, jacket spud for me. The thing is I don't like a hot fried egg with cold ham. I know a lot of people love it, in fact I have a friend, who if ever we go out to eat ALWAYS has ham, egg, & chips, but I just can't get my head around it so I popped my slices in the oven to warm through, then it was perfect.

I turned the tv over to Mamma Mia tonight, the movie has been on before I know. I was asked by friends if I wanted to go to the cinema to see it when it was first released. I did'nt then, & to be honest with you it's just as cheesy now. I love Julie Walters, & Meryl Streep, but not in this.

Definately going out to get some fresh air tomorrow, it's driving me stir crazy being indoors, I nearly got the vacuum cleaner out earlier, THAT'S how desperate it is. (I've got a pile of ironing too). SSsshhhh!

I recalled a book I'd read backalong earlier, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. It would be wonderful to just walk out the door to post a letter and carry on walking. THUD! I'm back. It was just a thought.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

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