Lichens on ash

Another murky day in eastern England, most of which was spent trying to enter historical records for Huntingdonshire so that I can get them to the vice-county recorder in the next day or so. Most originate for surveys done for the Wildlife Trust or Natural England, and I'd assumed that they would have been submitted by those organisations. I was wrong - hence the last-minute push.

This afternoon I had a slow potter round Castor Hanglands, but it's becoming increasingly hard to find anything interesting to photograph. The countryside seems drained of colour, and many places are still inaccessible because of floodwater or deep mud. At least this assemblage of lichens on the trunk of a felled ash is fairly cheerful.

If you would like a reminder of sunnier times, I've finally uploaded some images from my Romanian trip in June. You can find them here:

4th June Zarnesti Gorge and Magura
5th June European Brown Bear
6th June Silver-studded Blue
7th June Eastern Larkspur
8th June Viscri
9th June Shepherd's children, Mercheasa
10th June Brasov

Next year I'll be helping to lead a Wildlife Travel trip to the Vercors in south-east France; details are here if anyone fancies joining me.

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