While on my runs

By waipushrink

On a tree stump

Went to Cox's Bay for a walk around the perimeter of Coxs Bay Park. A far cry from the days when this lovely sports area was a mixture of swamp and sawmill. Lots of young people playing Touch. Families picnicking in spots of shade. The occasional jogger/runner. 

And many sparrows and starlings. I have included a shot of a starling in a patch of white clover as today's extra. The sparrows disappeared too fast; almost as quickly as flew the swallows. A tui high in a tree, mostly in shadow. 

The juvenile white-faced heron in the main photo for today was standing on a tree stump in swampy ground on the far side of Cox's Creek. On another stump  a few metres away was an adult. Both were preening  in the midday sun.

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