By cabbagetree

Update on a Nymph

This is the praying mantis nymph I found emaciated in the greenhouse and tried feeding a month ago. It was difficult finding suitable snacks. They had to be very small and alive to attract the nymph’s attention. The nymph shed her first skin only last week. This morning I found her looking plump and alert with the remains of a small fly scattered about. See extra shot for the big picture. She has well and truly caught up with the other greenhouse nymph that has been more successful.

Also in the greenhouse is another nymph I was surprised to see the other day on the grapevine. It is by far the largest I have seen this season. It must be from the ootheca I rescued, which hatched November 22nd. I had assumed all the babies were lost in a cold snap, but at least one survived among the grape leaves.

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