By spannarama

60s fairy

Had a very relaxed day with my Mum - after feeling really ill in the night.  Very strange - woke up and felt sick and faint, and it took ages to go off.  I was actually really surprised not to be sick, given how nauseous I felt.  Felt a bit washed out all day as a result, but otherwise ok.

We exchanged presents today, and opened the gifts my sister had left for us, too.  Lots of lovely chocolatey-related things, and some sweet little cups to match our Denby set.  My Mum was very happy with the weekend in London we have gifted to her - having found a Premier Inn that has ceiling track hoists!  I'm so impressed - but look forward to the day that everywhere is as accessible as that.

While Mum was getting ready for bed this evening, Tim and I drove over to Shepton Mallet to fill up on petrol, and to get a few bits and pieces, both for us and for my Mum.  Spent the rest of the evening watching a couple of films on TV - Bridge of Spies and Kingsman.

Oh, and the fairy - she's always been on our family Christmas tree for as long as I can remember - and my Mum told us today that when my Dad used to collect the money from the football pools (as a side job) in the 1960s, one of the women he collected from gave this to him as a Christmas gift.  How sweet!  

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