Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

Lifetime Membership

Rich gave me an early gift before Christmas of a "Can you just f*cking not?" pin from Sugar & Sloth, and after a quick browse of the site on Christmas Eve I was totally smitten! I ordered 4 new pins which arrived today; the Rainbow Narwhal of Anxiety, a dinosaur that loves books, a giraffe that is too fab for your sh*t and this Socially Awkward Girl Gang pin. People are often surprised when I say that I'm super socially anxious and awkward, because I'm often bubbly and talkative. Thing is, though, if I don't know a person well, that bubbliness and talkativeness doesn't come naturally at all, and comes with a whirlwind of anxious and paranoid thoughts broiling under the surface. Am I being too boring? Too much? Funny enough? Joking too much? Am I letting them speak enough? ARGH. This badge spoke to me!

Lazy day today after yet another rough night's sleep. I long for one uninterrupted night! Movies, TV, sweets and blanket it is.

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