By DonnaWanna

Yellow Tree Flowers

I’m starting to lose track of the days, such a wonderful feeling ; o) but I forgot about Mono Monday!

Toto took me to a nice lake this afternoon lol and there was a lot of interesting things to see. These lovely yellow tree flowers were really stunning but I cant remember their name. There were a couple of very small friendly chihuahua dogs and Toto thought it would be a really good idea to give them a big scare by barking his head off at them, needless to say the lady with them thought Toto was awful and we had to walk quickly away in the opposite direction!! : )

In extras is a shot of a kookaburra as it whizzed by me, couldnt believe i’d managed a half decent shot of him. Also is a shot of what I think is a darter mother on the left and her huge babies in the nest on the right staring back at her, it was such an amazing sight! And especially funny when she finally flew over to them and just landed splat in the middle of them, such a squawk went up and no one fell out! :o)

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