Life through the lens...

By ValC

The orange spot.

Such a glorious day for a walk through the woods.
However we heard yesterday of some very sad news about one of our favourite places.
The dreaded disease Phytophthora  cambivora  -  the " Plant Destroyer" 
Has been found in Judy Woods.
Dtails here

There were many orange circles on the trees which have to be felled in the next few months. Some enormous beech trees among them.
It is going to look so different.  I know how the people who live near Bingley St Ives felt when part of their wood had to come down.

So we made the most of today, and here is a collage of some of the trees which won't be there for much longer.

Finished off with refreshments at the Old White Beare in Norwood Green.
Delicious mushroom soup, and shandys.

The weather today was perfect. Blue sky and sun, and 10C.
Just how I like winter.

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