By iaint


The weather has been worse today. Rain all day and cold. It was 0⁰c when I got up about 9am. 

In some ways it is frustrating but in other ways it does not matter. The main motivations behind escaping at this time of year were (1) recovering from the stresses of the election (2) getting out of Brexit Britain for a while (3) avoiding the idiocies of the British “festive period” and (4) making the most of the Office’s idiotic arrangements for the “festive period”. 

Good weather is not essential to any of that. 

The day’s main event was going out in the rain to look for an Athens icon - Kosta's. It is a tiny hole-in-the-wall type street food shop, selling souvlaki, souvlaki or souvlaki. The current owner - in his 60s, I would guess - is the grandson of the founder. He just stands there operating a conveyor belt of souvlaki to hungry Athenians. 

It was a bit of a walk and I got lost several times, but it was worth it. Completely delicious, and at €2.20, fantastic value. 

Blipping it was not easy - no chance of a shot of the food, with one hand full of umbrella. Then there is a large awning to give protection from the sun. Well, I did my best in the circumstances.  

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