By HeidiHH


Another cold day here at southern Europe. I did take a walk during the day in between working with my overalls. I only did 5km today, but mostly worked on the overalls.

The pants part is okay with the overalls, and I can make the top part to work too, but now I'm having a problem that I do not know what kind of a top part would be best. Well, it's not such a big problem, but I'd still like to have a "perfect overall"pattern, but at the moment I lack vision of it. Perhaps I get the first draft finished tomorrow. We'll see. As it is New Year's Eve and our 15th Wedding anniversary I might have other stuff to take care of.

Actually we didn't remember which as we didn't remember what year we got married. My husband was saying it will be 14th and I was saying 15th. I asked our son to check our Wedding bible, but he couldn't find it. Then I realized that Finnish government is very good at keeping a record so I only had to check my official certificate with all the changes regarding my name and my address and voilà: I had the correct year. We did get married 2004. Mystery solved.

We don't really have any plans for tomorrow. Just get some treats and good foods and stay home as the little dog is very afraid of all the banging noises, we don't wanna leave him alone. And I do have the ingredients for piña colada in the freezer already :-D

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