By schorschi

Big Ben Brexit Bonus

The sign hanging next to the €10.99 price board at the top announces that the After Eight Big Ben Advent Calendar is reduced by 21%. You could think this is due to the 25% drop in the value of GBP£ since Brexit started.

The €10.99 price for 24 chocolates weighing in total 185 grammes is a good price considering standard supermarket chocolate would cost about €0.70c for 200 grammes.

Wrong. The calendar is made in Germany!

Can only think the price comes from the huge amounts After Eight (now Nestle) have invested in Germany since the 1960s making After Eight a household name and indeed making the slogan "The Fine English Style" a standard everyday expression in the German language.

Trying googling it "Die feine englische Art". I get around 10m results.

To be honest the expression is used mainly in the negative form to describe someone doing something unfairly - "that is not exactly in the fine English style". Even the UK's pop star of the 60/70s, Helen Shapiro, released a single in 1970 named after this.

Strangely since Brexit, Nestle have dropped the slogan! I wonder why? It was probably one of the Top 10 slogans in the advertising world.

Good on you Brexit.

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