By schorschi

Can't get enough Millers

I feel guilty about only showing yesterday's Tractor Tuesday contribution as an Extra Photo, so making up for it today. Just a coincidence that it's yet again a Miller/Müller photo too.

Yesterday His Royal Highness Parish Councillor Herbert (Fangio) Müller was the star and the day before Dairy Farmer Sepp Müller driving past Beef Farmer Walter Müller's herd. But Walter didn't himself star. So today he gets top billing as he cuts the fields alongside our property for the last time.

Unlike others who have cut six or seven times, Walter is an organic farmer and I guess this is his third cut which unlike the others who collect the grass within hours of mowing for silage, Walter leaves his lying for a day or more. Not sure exactly what he does with it as he doesn't bale it on site. Will have to find out. It is very little grass, almost seems to be a waste of time but I guess it's important to have the grass relatively short before the frosts and winter sets in and thus allow the spring growth to sprout well without a blanket of old useless brown grass.

In other matters, I show as an Extra Photo today:
Two different methods of feeding bees with a liquid sugar syrup which is only possible so long as it is warm (+15°C) One is using a plastic tray filled with the liquid and a smallish raised hole covered by a plastic lid with enough space for the bees to fly up to and then crawl down to the water's edge. They can't as such land on the liquid. In the photo, there is indeed one bee who slipped in from outside and is hovering over the open space. She got chased away before putting the lid back on.

The other method is a large plastic box filled with hay into which the solution was poured. The bees fly/crawl up the sides and crawl down the stalks and drink in relative safety and should they fall in, can easily find a life-straw.

And as a Bonus Extra photo taken on this evening's dog walk showing how we God-fearing Bavarians ensure we get cheap electricity. Using the power of belief oozing from Ottobeuren Basilica we hook up our electricity lines directly to the sun.

I am thinking of starting a Miller/Müller Month of Blips......

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