More Millers

Spent quite some time trying to pretend it was autumn by collecting up fallen leaves and mowing some of the lawns grass. Alongside our house, the fields were being cut for the sixth silage harvest and presumably the last time this year. Being Tractor Tuesday, have to post a photo but have relegated it to extras.

Farmer Franz told me the other day that one large farm had managed seven cuts of silage, one a month since April. One can tell that we didn't have a drought problem here, in fact I think that in almost all respects the farmers will have brought in record harvests. I should say that I find this "lawn mowing" for silage very questionable. Huge amounts of energy needs to harvest such short protein power food which by itself is harmful to the cows health and of course the wildlife from birds to flowers stand no chance against the whirring blades and the tons of slurry that are spread after each cut. But why should the farmers be different to all the heads of conglomerates and presidents of countries that put profit before people and environment. Keep on fracking!

The main photo is not a masterpiece but follows on nicely from yesterdays post. As Luna and I set off for a very late evening walk, Councillor Herbert (Fangio) Müller flashed past on the farmtrack on his Vespa waving cheerfully but in the dark and with the breakneck speed, those shots were far more blurred than the one used.

Another very nice Müller and  I don't just say that because he is a parish councillor! His house is the last one entrapped in the new 30km/h speed zone the parish council strangely erected on two barely used residential streets. I am pretty sure he was not one of the councillors who strongly promoted the questionable cost. His evening ride on this grass and gravel farm track which goes from his property with the "end of speed limit sign" in a circular loop of about 1.5km back to the start of his road with the "start of speed zone sign". He was probably fed up with the limits and wanted to let it rip! Herbert is in the process of retiring and selling up the very succesful "barrier building" (eg motorway crash barrier) business he built up.

When Luna and I got to his house, had a short chat with his equally nice wife before we continued and saw Farmer Müller from yesterday returning home with dinner for his cows.

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