By Ronniebofa

Decadent Hogmanay meal all for less than £3:50

Thanks Sainsbury’s for your yellow labels and price reductions on produce at or approaching its sell by/use by dates. Tonight it was Smoked Salmon (£1:24 instead of £8:50) served with a turkey crown (£3 instead of £28) vegetable broth, served with beetroot and tomato. This was followed by a fruit platter (raspberries, pineapple, blueberries, pear and grapes) served with full fat Greek yogurt. Total cost of meal just short of £3:50 which is more expensive than usual and contains more calories than usual. However, it’s Hogmanay and the New Year will see my diet and exercise regime being strictly followed. I have to get my weight loss journey back on track and loose the pounds I’ve gained this festive period.

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