Look forward

Been panicking to get all the mass of holes in my 2018 journal filled by midnight. Think I have achieved it and hope not too much confusion caused. At least with comments off, nobody could comment on my August posts saying it doesn't look very Christmasy in Germany this year.

Left it rather late as I needed to get our early for the afternoon walk. In Germany, the tradition has always been for every household to buy its fireworks and do its own thing. Being Germany it is highly regulated, Fireworks can only be sold three days before New Year's Eve and can only be shot on NYE  & New Year's Day. Otherwise forbidden 363 days of the year unless one gets permission from the parish/town hall for an exception & this will be limited from ... to... (hours & mins).

So naturally today the odd firework is set off at strange times and often mini-shows are held at dusk for very little ones.

As in many places, the sense of €ms being shot in the air tonight is being questioned. Two months worth of fine dust from normal traffic in 15 minutes tonight. Never mind all the aggravation for animals whether wild or pets. The huge number of injuries particularly in these days when they are used against police and even rescue services.

Many large towns and cities are banning them in the centres and instead offering free music bands and laser shows.

I have been against fireworks for years but have some (very little but not zero) sympathy for the responsible ones who want to shoot off a few.

Also ended up on the same walk as yesterday as it's far from any habitation should someone decide it was time to let off a few bangers.

And as yesterday was buzzed by Ryanair, the landing  & take-off directions having been reversed on these days when there is no wind.

Today's plane EI-EKA is based full time at Memmingen. It was landing back home after a flight from Amman, Jordan (landed 16:02) but still had a return flight to/from Lviv, Ukraine to do & due to be home at 21:22 so hopefully avoiding rocket attacks in the landing phase.

Unlike yesterday's wish to escape, today looking forward to landing at the front of 2020 back in the Blip family. Just hope I can behave myself. Will do my best but no New Year's resolution!

Wish all Blipers throughout the world a safe ....as they say in Germany .... slide over into the New Year & Decade - "Guten Rutsch".


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