Wid ...............

 ……...… Wed010120 - thanks to BobsBlips for hosting with the optional subject of "weather".

More golden larger...........

Hmmmmm, you say, what has this got to do with "weather"?

It's more WidWedWinTen and it's becoming not a matter of "whether" I will "weather" the "storm" of getting to grips with but how long it will take me.

The "fog" is starting to lift and it's starting to "dawn" on me that some bits of it are actually better than 7 - I suspect that the info will come "flooding" into my brain and all of a sudden I will realise that it is all "clear".

As you can probably tell I once again took my photo without checking the challenge subject and have bent it to fit as best I can!!  :o))

The desktop photo on the new screen is one I took in Barcelona back in March 2015 - and the old screen still shows my beloved Shadow Dancer who died that same year but in November.

Sorry to take liberties, Bob and, again, thank you for hosting.

~ Anni ~

Slowly catching up with backblipping - this morning I posted for 9th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd December 2019 

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