To save you another hospital shot  l’m starting the year in the worst possible way by publishing two photographs not taken by me . ( thanks Rebecca x).

On the the first day of the year White Wells at Ilkley are open to the public to take a plunge.
Water is freezing so it is only for the brave. 
The sediment rises as the day goes on so it looked quite grotty by afternoon when my granddaughters and their dad took to the waters.
(See extra of Verity before she jumped).
My main photograph is of them past jump on the Moor ( have similar ones from previous years in the same spot)
Ruby still in her swimsuit and towel.

I’ve had a quiet day - sat with Mr P,  the hospital being eerily silent as it’s a national holiday.
Will be joined this evening by the the five of them , hope they have warmed up by then.
When visiting ends they will take me back to theirs, feed me - then l will crash out in bed.
I’m practically living there at the moment but hopefully that will change on Friday.

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